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 Shelton Shrub Care Watering 

Once matured, most trees and shrubs do not need much watering except during periods of drought. Plant root systems do well at finding moisture, which is why the soil is often dry around a tree base. Trees and shrubs typically appreciate regular watering the first year or so they're planted or transplanted to help them establish. Give juvenile shrubs and inch or two of water weekly. Evergreens do well with watering in autumn. Some experts believe that fall is the most important time to water. If shrubs don't get enough water in the fall, they are much more susceptible to winter damage.

Shelton Shrub Care Fertilizing 

 Many trees and shrubs need nutrients from fertilizer to stay healthy. fertilizers can be helpful in areas with poor soil, or in subdivisions where nutrients from topsoil have been removed. In most cases all you need is deep root injected fertilizer. Use either nitrogen or phosphorus liquids, and choose proper fertilizer based on soil test. Always follow the directions no matter what type of fertilizer you use. Never add more fertilizer than recommended, this will always go bad. To much fertilizer can burn plant roots, killing the plant. Flowering trees and shrubs that get to much fertilizer may flower less, and not flourish through the season.


Shelton Shrub Care Pruning 

Most trees and shrubs need pruning throughout their life. The process is not complicated. Follow these tips to make it easier. Whatever shrubs you're growing, prune out dead or diseased branches. This makes the plant look better and helps prevent the disease. You should prune any growth that blocks walkways or gets close to structures or other plants. Always prune branches with a clean cut to prevent plant injury.


Shelton Shrub Care Insecticide & Fungicide Spraying

Tree and Shrub spraying with insecticides and fungicides can be complicated for the average do it yourself homeowner. Call Grassy Meadows Lawn Care and Tick Control for all your spraying needs.

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